Call Camp: What You Don’t Know about Discovery that Kills Deals

July 19th | 1 PM EST | 1 Hour

  • Effective discovery to land the deal

    Discovery isn't just about collecting information.

    It's all about understanding your prospect's pains, offering a solution, and even walking away if they aren't the right fit. 

    This Call Camp is all about effective discovery that will land you the deal.

    Register to learn:

    How to ask questions to understand (not collect data)
    3 steps to offer the correct diagnosis
    Why shoehorning a customer into the solution does not work
    Advanced discovery techniques
    Changing the narrative your salespeople use
  • Submit your best discovery call here - if we play it on the webinar, you'll get a $100 Visa gift card.

  • Can't make it? Sign up anyways for the recording.

Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold